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Meet The Poorest President In The World - Jose Mujica

Jose Mujica is the president of Uruguay.

He is described as the poorest President in the world. He's 78 years old and has $322,883 to his name. 

He does not live in Uruguay's presidential palace, either. Instead he lives on a modest farm with 3 tractors and a worn down Volkswagen Beetle. He gives away nearly 90% of his monthly salary to charities and entrepreneurs in Uruguay.
"Mujica is a former leftist guerrilla who often speaks out against greed and consumerism, and say they learned to live on very little during their long years in prison under Uruguay's 1973-85 dictatorship. They gave up the chance to live in the luxurious presidential mansion after he was elected four years ago, staying instead on their ramshackle flower farm, which Mujica declared to be worth about $108,000.  
Mujica also declared three tractors, each worth more than his two 1987 Volkswagen Beetles, which together value about $4,750." - Yahoo and Associated Press Jose Mujica's Total Net Worth And Lifestyle
And have we mentioned what people are saying about him? It's rather interesting to see, but it gives an incredible amount of insight into the general public's negative sentiment toward elected officials and politicians around the world. Here are the top comments on a Yahoo comment thread with more than 10,000 submissions: