Tim Cook on the Apple Watch, iPhone 6 and Apple Pay with Charlie Rose

Tim Cook says Apple has officially entered a new chapter. He also calls the Apple Watch the most intimate and personal product that Apple has ever created. If you haven't watched it yet, this interview between Tim Cook and Charlie Rose is a must-watch:

 "The philosophy at Apple has always been to be THE BEST, not THE FIRST." - Tim Cook

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These Are The Meetings Janet Yellen Attends Most

We stumbled across a fantastic graphic from the WSJ about Janet Yellen. The chart below tallies and organizes all of the meetings that Yellen has attended so far this year.

At first glance, this may seem rather trivial to know. But it is not.

It actually offers a ton of insight and analysis into the everyday life of the Federal Reserve and what they are focused on. Perhaps the most interesting stat on this table is the amount of meetings Yellen has had with foreign financial officials. Why is this interesting? It implies that she is working with countries around the globe and that could mean more cooperation and coordination for more effective global policies.