Visualizing Apple's Explosive iPhone Growth Over The Years

We all know by now what the iPhone is and what it has done to the entire technology sector. Steve Jobs and Apple, arguably, were the driving forces behind the mobile revolution.

What's perhaps even more shocking, is that to this day it still has strong and vibrant growth. There is, virtually, no signs of it slowing down. On the contrary, both the iPad and Mac have become somewhat stagnant. It's all very interesting to watch, and all that matters in the parabolic yellow line in the chart below:

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The Economics Of America's Shale Revolution As Seen With One Instagram Post

The shale revolution is truly remarkable.

The U.S. is producing and refining massive amounts of crude oil and natural gas. Some reports say that we have even eclipsed Saudi Arabia in terms of total oil production. This is all a factor of the Shale Revolution happening throughout the middle of the country in states like North Dakota, Montana, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Oklahoma and many more.

But there are economics to this revolution.

As jobs and production increase so do rents and schools and taxes. It is important that our society advances as fast as our oil production. Just look at this post from the National Geographic Instagram page. It is a case study perfect for economics 101: