Harvard Historian Niall Ferguson Explains Why Western Society Is So Prosperous

Niall Ferguson is famous at Harvard University.

He's a master of history and economics and teaches several courses to graduate and undergraduate students.

We recently stumbled across this video from Ferguson and in it he explains several key components behind the success and prosperity of Western Civilization. It's a must-watch for all students of history and economics:
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Werner Herzog Explains the Pros and Cons of Government Regulation

Film producer Morgan Spurlock is on a quest to teach America about economics. This inlcudes topics like Wall Street, stocks, finance, and government regulation. We've watched them all and so far this video stands out. It stars Patton Oswalt and Werner Herzog. It's hilarious and genius. It depicts the role of government regulation and why it can be absolutely terrible or incredibly helpful.

It's a must-watch and you should send this to any of your friends, family, or colleagues who care about the economy. Herzog makes his surprise appearance at 5:00: