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What Scares Ray Dalio Most? Populism

You are about to watch the entire panel of Ray Dalio in Davos. He sits with Larry Summers, Christine Lagarde, and several others.

The conversation focuses on one major concept: what is the middle class doing today around the world? This is an essential conversation to watch if you want to understand the world's most important issue:

Warren Buffett on the Importance of Cash

It's not the most exciting investment. There's also this thing about gold being more important to a portfolio. But in the case of Warren Buffett, his single most important safety net IS NOT gold. It's actually cash. Here's a quote that shows what cash means to him, his business, and his investments:
"Berkshire always has $20 billion or more in cash. It sounds crazy, never need anything like it, but some day in the next 100 years when the world stops again, we will be ready. There will be some incident, it could be tomorrow. At that time, you need cash. Cash at that time is like oxygen. When you don’t need it, you don’t notice it. When you do need it, it’s the only thing you need. We operate from a level of liquidity that no one else does." - Warren Buffett

To read more: here are the notes from a lecture he once gave to several MBA students at the University of Maryland