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Three Ways To Think Better According to Ray Dalio

In this post, we're going to examine three things Ray Dalio said about thinking better.

The clearer you think, the better you will understand what's happening around you. The clearer you think, the better decisions you will make. The clearer you think, the better you will be at communicating with others. If you can do all of these things, you will be much happier and far more successful.

Can you do it?

Here are three tips from Ray Dalio to start thinking the best you can right now. The bold is our emphasis:
"Being radically truthful and radically transparent will lead to better decision making and better relationships. If people say what they really think and show what they're really doing, it will help to ensure the alignment that makes everything operate a lot more efficiently and ethically." 
"Having thoughtful disagreements with the smartest people you can find who disagree with you to stress test your thinking and to learn will raise your odds of making the best decisions possible. When two people disagree, chances are that one of them is wrong; it pays to find out if that someone is you.
"Idea-meritocratic decision-making is best type of decision making. Operating in an idea-meritocratic way—i.e. a way in which the best ideas determine what is done without egoistic attachments to one's own options—is extremely powerful. Conversely, one of the greatest tragedies of man is when people hold on to wrong opinions and make bad decisions based on them because they're biased to believe them."

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