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5 Ways Jony Ive Designs at Apple

We've recently watched several interviews with Apple's top designer Jony Ive. In this post, we've pulled 5 quotes that show what kind of thinker he is and where he finds inspiration to design products like the iPhone. Perhaps the most interesting theme is how Ive's does not think of design as a look or visual thing. Instead he thinks of design as a philosophy. Design to him is a function, and a way of expressing meaning and care:

1. "What we make describes us. It describes our values."

2. "People tend to be much more comfortable talking about product attributes that can be measured with a number. That's a very safe conversation. Nobody can argue those numbers. People historically talk about things, for example, like price and speed. But in reality, we make most of our decisions in life on the absence of data."

3. "People perceive value beyond their ability to articulate why."

4. "If you ask somebody why they like something it has a relationship to the amount of care that was extended into that thing's creation."

5. "I do believe that people sense care. In the same way people can sense carelessness."