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Ray Dalio On Why Personal Growth Is More Important Than Money

Ray Dalio's philosophy on happiness is slightly different than what most people say.

In his eyes happiness has nothing to do with money, rewards, quality of life, material things, or anything other goal.

Happiness actually comes from your personal evolution. Your growth as a person. How much are you learning? How much are you growing spiritually? Are you a better and wiser person today than you were yesterday? In other words happiness is dependent on the quality of your journey. It is this that impacts everything around us from family, friends, colleagues and even personal successes like making a lot of money:
"I believe that the desire to evolve, i.e., to get better, is probably humanity’s most pervasive driving force. Enjoying your job, a craft, or your favorite sport comes from the innate satisfaction of getting better. Though most people typically think that they are striving to get things (e.g. better houses, money, status, etc.) that will make them happy, that is not usually the case. Instead, when we get the things we are striving for, we rarely remain satisfied. 
It is natural for us to seek other things or to seek to make the things we have better. In the process of this seeking, we continue to evolve and we contribute to the evolution of all that we have contact with. The things we are striving for are just the bait to get us to chase after them in order to make us evolve, and it is the evolution and not the reward itself that matters to us and those around us." - Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Principles and Culture