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How To Get Started Investing Like Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett once explained how he got started investing and what he learned. There was no magic formula or secret tip he used. Instead, he learned by reading about investing at his local library and diving right into the markets with his own money:
"By the age of 10, I’d read every book in the Omaha public library about investing. Some twice. You need to fill your mind with various competing thoughts and decide which make sense. Then you have to jump in the water. Take a small amount of money and do it yourself. Investing on paper is like reading a romance novel vs. you know doing something else. You’ll soon find out whether you like it. The earlier you start, the better." - Warren Buffett

There are no shortcuts here. No grand secret. He started by following his passion as a kid. Great investing requires a ton of reading and more people need to hear this. That's how Buffett got started. With two steps and a lot of reading:

  1. Study the subject of investing and read as many investing books as you can.
  2. Then dive in and start taking on some chances. The best way to learn how the market works is with real money that you can afford to lose. Use it as a learning experience.