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How Jim Harbaugh Learned Confidence and Who Taught It To Him

Jim Harbaugh once wrote a great piece about his childhood and the lessons he learned growing up. In the piece he talks about his love for football, Michigan, and values of his father. One anecdote, in particular, stands out and it might point to the origins of Harbaugh's confidence. What you are about to read is where the Harbaugh everyone knows today, started. He writes:
When I was growing up, there was a local car dealer in Ann Arbor that had a program where the coaches at Michigan got to drive the extra dealer cars. We didn’t have much money, and we didn’t have a car of our own, so my parents shared the dealer car. Sometimes my dad, brother and I would walk outside and the car would be in the driveway. Other times, if my mom was out, it wasn’t. 
“Hey Dad, where’s the car?” 
“No car today, guys. We’re walking … Grab a basketball: 100 with the right, 100 with the left. Let’s go!” 
So we’d dribble down the sidewalk, dad leading the way, yelling: “Who’s got it better than us?!” 
Me and my brother trailing behind, chanting: “No-body!”
Despite any of his family's circumstances, a young Harbaugh was learning that still no one in the world had it better than him. That he and his brother had it the best and no one could take it away.

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