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How Astrology May Have Impacted J.P. Morgan and What Very Few People Know

In the early 1900s an astrologer named Evangeline Adams was sending subtle shockwaves throughout New York City.

At the time, fortune telling was illegal. And so her services were particularly mysterious and private.

Adams gained a sort of notoriety for several predictions that turned out to be correct. News of her forecasts spread throughout the city. Most shockingly, they made it to Wall Street. At first, the President of the New York Stock Exchange, Jacob Stout, found use in her work. He once wrote the following to her:
"Dear Miss Adams: You will oblige me by seeing what the stars have for me during the consecutive months of 1908. Your forecasts for the present months were singularly correct. Yours truly, Jacob Stout"
We have no way of knowing exactly what Adams was teaching these men but it spread. There are rumors that Charles Schwab paid to regularly see Adams. But even more profound, perhaps, is that J.P. Morgan – yes the legendary banker that we all know about – became a listener of her work. There are stories, rumors, and notes about his time spent with her. It is all fairly mysterious and she wrote a biography saying:
"I do know about the late J.P. Morgan’s belief in astrology, because – well, because I taught it to him. I read his horoscope many times, and furnished him during the last years of his life a regular service, explaining the changing position of the planets and their probable effect on politics, business, and the stock market. No further proof of his interest in the science is required beyond the fact that he renewed this service from year to year.  
The first time he came to my studio, his attitude was frankly one of curiosity tinged with suspicion. I had a heavy Chinese screen in one corner of my studio, and I remember how Mr. Morgan pulled his huge frame out of his chair and looked curiously behind the screen before beginning the interview. But that attitude melted away at the first meeting. And, in his last years, he asked me from Egypt to join him and his party in the Orient, where he had gone on his famous yacht, the Corsair. 
His idea was to spend several months in a scientific investigation of the occult in those parts of the world where its practice reaches back into prehistoric time. I declined the invitation, not because I didn’t appreciate the opportunity, but because I preferred to pursue my own investigations." - The Bowl of Heaven by Evangeline Adams
It may shock many people to read this. Whether there is some deeper meaning here remains unknown. But it is, without question, unique and interesting at hear these accounts – to know that one of the greatest bankers in our nation's history was potentially influenced by astrology.