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How Tom Brady Got So Good

Growing up, Tom Brady was never considered a prodigy. He was never paraded by scouts and media because of his raw athletic ability or youth performance on the football field.

Instead, Brady started from where any normal kid would start. His junior varsity football team. This alone speaks to a foundation of humility and pure focus. He had to work for everything:
"Tom Brady's football career started as the backup quarterback on the JV team. At first Brady wasn't good enough to start on the 0-8 JV team that hadn't scored a touchdown all year. But when the starting quarterback went down with an injury, he ascended to the starting position. He became the varsity starter his junior year and held the position until he graduated. "(Tom Brady, Wikipedia

At University of Michigan, Brady had to fight each day to keep his position on the depth chart. He was benched for his first two years.

But he kept pursuing and more importantly, he found a mentor. This man was named Greg Harden and it speaks to something rarely discussed among the greatest athletes – they find mentors who can guide and critique their growth:
"That year, 1997, was a crucial year for Michigan football. But it was also a crucial year for the skinny kid Tom Brady who backed up quarterback Brian Griese that season. He showed up at Greg Harden’s office after two years as a benchwarmer and said, “I think you can help me.” 
Harden told Tom Brady to take a seat. 
We all know Brady as the leader who seems to know exactly what to do at all times. Well, this Tom Brady wasn’t like that. He was a bit lost. He just had acute appendicitis, he had lost 25 pounds, he was no lock to ever start at Michigan, and the head coach had his eye on a stud prep from down the road named Drew Henson. The thought entered his mind to pack up and transfer to Cal. “He was feeling like a victim,” says Harden. “And he hated it. If he wasn’t depressed, he was close." (Tom Brady's Guru, The Post Game)

At the end of the day, a champion is defined by success. That can be measured in relationships, professional work, health, and even the ability to overcome negativity against you and your goals.

Tom Brady is a champion. Not by his Super Bowl rings, but by the controversy and hatred people have thrown at him each year. Yes, he survived all of the following and he never let the hatred or doubt impact him:

  1. Spygate
  2. Deflategate
  3. Mocking him and his sponsors
  4. Hate
  5. Jealousy
  6. Attacking his looks
  7. Constant rumors
The list goes on and on.

Just do a simple Google search and if anything else comes up please add it in the comments below.

At the end of the day, Brady has done things no other player in NFL history has done. He's set records, won Super Bowls, and overcome mountains of hatred and controversy. And how did he do it? The 3 traits outlined above.

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