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What a Young Steve Jobs Thought About Life in 1982

Steve Jobs was pretty young when he accepted an Academy of Achievement award. It was 1982. But he got up and began talking to everyone about his views on success and innovation. One segment really stands out. He urges people to experience different things. Do not follow the status quo:
"What you gotta do is get different experiences than the normal course of events. 
One of the funny things about being bright is everyone puts you on this path. You know, to go to high school, go to college. 
I heard about some kid that’s only 14 and on his way to Stanford. That’s great. That’s sort of out of the ordinary, but you might want to think about going to Paris and being a poet for a few years. Or you might want to go to a third-world country. I’d highly advise that. See people and lepers with their hands falling off and that stuff. It’s very much so worth doing. You know, fall in love with two people at once. You know? 
Walt Disney took LSD, do you know that? He did it once, and that’s where the idea for Fantasia came from. It’s true, and you can go hear stories about all these people, and the key thing that comes through is that they had a variety of experiences which they could draw upon in order to try to solve a problem or attack a particular dilemma in a kind of unique way. And so one of the things that you’ll get a lot of pressure to do is to go in one very clear direction, and believe in God and all that other stuff, and that’s great, but don’t ever walk by a Zen Buddhist because of that. Sit down and talk and buy him lunch." - Steve Jobs