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The Fascinating Way Bill Gross Manages People, Money, and Work

We just read a piece from QZ titled, What it’s like to work at Bill Gross’s Pimco. It's really fascinating. Gross is a serious manager. And he runs his office will incredible devotion. Here are some snippets that will blow your mind from his time at PIMCO:
"You can almost hear a pin drop. And that’s by design. Under Gross, conversation is kept to a minimum. If you must talk, it’s done in tones not much louder than a whisper. "Everyone knows when the big dog walks in, he wants silence," one former Pimco employee, who declined to be named, told Quartz. Almost as soon as Gross is seated, he requires updates from all corners of the markets, which traders zap to him. You certainly don’t talk to Gross himself. "It’s kind of medieval. You only speak when spoken to," the same trader said.

And then there's this:

Sometimes Gross’s attention to detail goes to extremes. As one story goes, confirmed by separate sources, Gross once sent a corporate bond trader home in the midst of the trading day with instructions to hand-write 1,000 times that he would not submit trade recommendations without charts.

But most importantly, what he does works. This is his process:
And in fairness to Gross, traders acknowledge there’s a method to his approach. He is making a myriad decisions on titanic sums of client money. Though they might ruffle feathers, employees say his systems work, allowing him to quickly and accurately distill detailed information into fuel for investment decisions. “His ability to scan and assess information is staggering,” said one former Pimco employee.