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Understanding What "Experts" Should Mean To You In Your Life

We have always believed that no one is an expert.

With enough patience and time anyone can do anything. It's that simple. Please, don't double think that last sentence.

There's only two logical moments when it makes sense to have someone else do something for you. And that's when you feel comfortable placing a monetary value on your inability to do that something for yourself. The other, is when you place a monetary value on the time it will take you to learn the same thing and do it yourself. Capiche.

It is at these points when it makes sense to hire someone else. But remember, they are not experts. They are simply the people you need to save yourself time. Nothing else.

In some respects, this is the merits our economy today. Saving time through the division of labor.

What are your thoughts on this? Let's start the discussion below. We'll be chiming in when we can.