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2 Charts to Entirely Explain the Bitcoin Ecosystem in 2014

At this moment in time Bitcoin has ONLY two futures.

It will either be mass adopted, or it will be completely abandoned. Both sides are at polar extremes. One camp of popular and influential Silicon Valley investors claim that it is in a stage like the early days of the Internet. That it will soon, someday, be a currency of mass adoption and application. The other camp, however, sees that it is a moment of hype. That it is a classic bubble.

In deciding which camp Bitcoin is in we compiled two charts below that perfectly illustrate the state of Bitcoin and its market environment right now. Here they are:

1. There are currently 511 companies in the Bitcoin space. Together, they have amassed more than $255 million in total funding. That number may be increasing as we speak too. The industries that Bitcoin operates in varies from exchanges to wallets to mining operations. The ecosystem is thriving.

Here are all the Bitcoin companies

2. The total amount of Bitcoin startup funding today is equal to the total amount of startup funding that was injected into the Internet space in 1995. At that time, the Internet was just getting started. People saw no application for it and many wrote it off as hype. But, given where the Internet is today, we can see that was a mistake. Will Bitcoin follow the Internet's footsteps?