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The Paypal Mafia Could Be The Most Successful Group In Silicon Valley

The online publication, TechRepublic, has a wonderful piece up about the founders and early employees at PayPal. The primary focus is their recent success and the companies they have founded. To some extent, they have truly defined Silicon Valley and have pushed its success the furthest compared to any other group. They are known as the PayPal Mafia.
The PayPal Mafia -- a term that's used with affection and awe in Silicon Valley -- is defined as the Mountain View PayPal team either pre-IPO or pre-acquisition, depending on which founding member you ask. While those may seem like vastly different stages in a company's life, it's more like splitting hairs as PayPal's IPO happened only a few months before it was acquired. Former PayPal CEO Peter Thiel estimates the PayPal Mafia to be around 220 people.  
That group of 220 people went on to create seven distinct "unicorn" companies. Unicorns are companies with a valuation of more than $1 billion. Two of those seven companies were valued at north of $10 billion. Those companies are: 
1. Tesla Motors - $27.5 billion market cap
2. LinkedIn - $20.4 billion market cap
3. Palantir - $9 billion value (private company, estimate)
4. SpaceX - $7 billion value (private company, estimate)
5. Yelp - $5.26 billion market cap
6. YouTube - $1.65 billion acquisition
7. Yammer - $1.2 billion acquisition
How the 'PayPal Mafia' redefined success in Silicon Valley