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The Value Of GoPro In 3 Easy To Understand Charts

GoPro officially priced its IPO on June 26, 2014 and everyone was talking about it. It also marked a huge milestone for many things. Specifically, it offered a ton of insight into consumer electronics, the stock market, and the value of brand. Here are 3 charts to help you completely understand GoPro:

1. GoPro has a massive brand. It's an extremely young company, but it's brand value ranks up with some of the best. One anecdotal take-away from this claim is a quick look into the total number of subscribers it has on Youtube. GoPro has more subscribers than Nike Football, DC Shoes, and Pepsi: 

2.) GoPro spends a ton of money on its brand through marketing. Here's its marketing budget over the years:

3.) GoPro is a growing company and had a huge year in 2013 nearly earning $1 billion in total revenue. So far in 2014, it's already on pace to follow 2013. Earning $235 million in the first quarter: