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The Sad Story Of Toe Nash, The Greatest Baseball Player You Never Heard Of

ESPN has a moving piece up about Toe Nash, a man who grew up impoverished and homeless yet was compared to Babe Ruth when it came to playing baseball. His upbringing plagued his career early on. He got arrested on several occasions and eventually was imprisoned for 10 years. In his prime, his athletic potential was unlimited.

This story has invaluable lessons we can all learn about society, rehabilitation, and the art of sport.  

Famed sports journalist Peter Gammons once wrote this about Toe Nash:
 There Benny Latino finally found the kid he'd been waiting for all these years. Toe had grown to six-foot-six. He weighed about 215, cut like marble. Latino found out that Toe hadn't been to school since the seventh or eighth grade, that he and his sister were raised by their father, Charles, in a trailer outside Gonzales, out near Sorrento and Galvez, and that the father worked Hot Rod's fields. A couple of nights a week Toe got to do what he loves: play ball with a bunch of 30- and 40-year old guys -- even one fellow who'd played pro ball and been released -- in this field of dreams.  
"I couldn't believe what I saw," Latino recalls. "He hit one homer from the right side, about 380 feet. He hit one from the left side more than 400 feet. He pitched and was throwing in the 90s and blowing people away. He was The Natural." - Devil Rays find The Natural in the cane fields, Peter Gammons