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How Long Will You Hold When The World Is Melting Around You

In markets and in life there are moments when one must stand firm by their convictions.

Convictions are never tested so strongly than under moments of immense pressure by way of panic, chaos, or disorder.

How long will you hold?

Perhaps this is the question you must first ask yourself before defining any specific conviction that you plan to adhere to.

No conviction can be held forever. There is always a limit.

Even if you are willing to hold your conviction to your grave the only way it can continue to live is through the people around you. If you die with a conviction but convict none along the way that conviction ceases to exist.

All Game Of Thrones fans will understand this. No man held a stronger conviction in moral honor than Ned Stark. He courageously clung to his honor even when chained up in a dungeon cell below King's Landing. But even Ned Stark had a tipping point. His daughter devised a plan to bring him back and he had no choice but to drop his conviction for the sake of his family.

This is what we mean when we ask: How long will you hold?

We were recently reminded of a hilarious Youtube video in which William Wallace from Braveheart holds his line for too long. As a charming mental exercise, pretend that William Wallace represents an idea that you are strongly convicted to. Is it a moral belief? Is it a stock? Is it a way of life? Is it a religious view?: