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A New Message Is In The Medium: Watch Duracell Single Handedly Inspire An Entire Generation With Two Commercials

The concept of marketing is changing at its fastest pace in history.

No one wants to hear about your product anymore. They want to hear about your story.

Apple, for example, does a lot of this. Apple does not tell you how many pixels their iPads have. They tell you something that represents who they are. It's a message that turns your iPad into a philosophy that appears before you each time you pick it up.

Volvo did something like this earlier in the year. They made a beautiful commercial. It was incredibly motivating. The video has turned into one of the most watched commercials of all-time. It has over 60 million views. Watch it. It's not a commercial about Volvo. It's a commercial about never giving up. It's a lesson about composure and audacity.

Richard Sherman made a commercial with Beats. He used the commercial to send a message about the word "thug," and what it means to him. Beats endorsed that. Their headphones are now a campaign. You're buying more than headphones when you see that commercial.

The two Duracell commercials we are about to present feature NFL linebacker Patrick Willis and running back Derrick Coleman. Both of these players have overcome serious hardships in life.

Patrick Willis grew up in extreme poverty with an abusive father. You may want to watch this ESPN feature on Patrick Willis before you watch the commercial below.

Derrick Coleman's story is also powerful. He has been deaf his entire life. Today he is in the NFL. This commercial will play on Super Bowl Sunday. We know this. And everyone will love it.

This is how marketing is changing.

Commercials are not a medium to convince you to buy something. That's wrong. It turns that company into a salesman. No one trusts salesman anymore.

There's a new generation of shoppers. They are more conscious than ever. They're smarter and more empowered. They can look-up every bit of information about your product on their phone. You don't need to tell them any of that in a commercial. You need to tell them why they should feel good about buying your product. Inspire them. Motivate them.

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