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Kanye West Is 10 Years Ahead Of The Industry But Is Always Trapped In Today's World

One thing has always stood out about Kanye West: He is unafraid to challenge anyone that disagrees with him. In-fact, he sometimes seeks out the challenge. His latest attempt seems to be high-fashion. Here are some notes that might blow your mind from an interview he did with the Breakfast Club:

"I am creator like Walt Disney. Rap is just a chamber of my thoughts. It's something that I express like a modern day poet. If I had lived in the past I would have been a playwright."

"The most talented people, the creatives and artists from schools like Saint Martins, are put in a luxury box by a small group of billionaires. Then they make things that we want. Look at what Louis Vuitton has created. They've enslaved so many people to thinking they need that product."

"It's not that I feel like a slave. We are mentally enslaved. We are enslaved to brands, a Mercedes Benz symbol, gold chains. These examples are everywhere. Women are enslaved to the concept that diamonds are a girls best friend. What I'm trying to say is that these things are programmed into us. When we were born, we were born free. But then as we gain consciousness we get held down by society's rules. We don't want to be embarrassed."

"As an artist we can do whatever we want. Nothing is real or so fortified that we can't break it down. It's all iconography that we put a mindset on."

"You need product. You need to own something to have a voice at this point. I could use my voice in music, but what is going to happen when everyone says, "don't buy his albums"? You need a product to really have a sustainable voice and income these days."

"So many industries have been set up like the coal industry. There is something different to the way these billionaires run the world. We are not apart of it either. We've only been let in on the communication level. We are all picking their cotton. None of us are free. They would like us to think that we are free, but we are controlled. Controlled by a Nike sign. By peer pressure. By the longing for a particular car."

"There are 1,400 billionaires in the world. Only 7 of them are black."

"Music is fleeting. There are very few 50 year-old rock stars that you care about. Rap is a young man's sport."

"Eve made Adam eat the apple. And ever since then it's been illegal to be naked. I want to help everyone with your opinion of the law."

"Let me tell you something about George Bush and oil money versus Obama and no money. People want to say Obama can't make these moves, or that he's not executing. It's because he does not have the connections like George Bush did."

"I'm going to start going after every level. I started an apparel store called Yeezus. We sold $350,000 of merchandise in two days."

"I have a futuristic way of thinking. If you look at an interview from 10 years ago people will say they loved it. But, what's funny, they didn't like it then in that moment because I was speaking to the future. They could not comprehend that. I'm always 10 years ahead, but always trapped in today's time."

"In the end, my biography will be a combination of Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Michelangelo… That's it."
"I just about lost my life once. I saw death. For that, I'm now living in the afterlife." - Kanye West