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The Winklevoss Twins Are Becoming The Face Of Bitcoin

Two years ago, maybe more, we remember reading a piece in the New Yorker about Bitcoin and its ultra mysterious founder, Satoshi Nakomota. Now the Winklevoss twins are creating a Bitcoin ETF and making public speaking appearances about Bitcoin. They're slowly becoming the face of Bitcoin and here's what they're saying:
You're trusting math and cryptology. You're not trusting a person or central authority. 
It's an open source code. Everyone knows what is going on. 
Later in the conference, Ray Dalio said, I'm a currency guy. I love that. I think Bitcoin has a lot of merit. But I don't know enough about it yet to invest. 
Libertarian strain and certain economic school of thought that gravitate to it. 
Mimics very much like a gold standard with a fixed supply. 
More of a response to a financial system that is very buggy. One that has crashed significantly 3 times. 
We think regulators are watching with an open mind.  
All tracked in a public ledger. When you spend a Bitcoin you have to reveal your IP address.  
Baidu now accepts Bitcoin. In Germany it's legal private money. In Canada, they haven't decided to regulate it yet.  
Current price is being driven by demand in China.  
We believe Bitcoin is worth a $400 billion market cap. Roughly $40,000 a coin. Small bull case that it's gold 2.0.