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The Tragedy Or Miracle Of Work And Life

We are reading a blog post from Mardle Capital and one particular segment stood out. It is about work-life balance. Warren Buffett famously said that he tap dances to work each day. We question whether, at that point, it is even work. He loves it. When you love something it becomes your life. Depending on how you look at it, that can be either dangerous or miraculous. A potentially wise approach is to fill your life with many of the things you love, including your work, but to diversify your time between these things you love. The key however, is that none of these things should be considered "work":
We still go to 'work' for money, but quite a lot of people would do the same thing in their leisure time as they do at work. One of the tragedies of our society is that so many old people suffer from loneliness and that's one reason why people work. You go to work to get paid, but it becomes a centre of your social life. I've seen too many men retire and then age 5 years in a few months and slowly vegetate because they have no idea what to do with their time, to believe that a life of enforced 'leisure' is so appealing that it should be the dominant goal of my working life.
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