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GDP Does Not Matter Or Impact The Stock Market

The Economy does impact the stock market. Crazy, yes but the proof is all below:
"Firstly, for each of the past three decades, world GDP growth has been essentially the same, around 3.4%,
despite big regional variation and of course all the various shocks. This would support those who believe the links between real GDP and investing are, at best, tenuous, at least superficially." - Jim O'Neill
"Take the records of 83 countries from 1972 to 2009 (the most comprehensive set available) and rank them by GDP growth over the previous five years. Investing each year in the countries with the highest economic growth over the preceding five years earned an annual return of 18.4%, but investing in the lowest-growth countries returned 25.1%." - The Economist
This scatter plot shows why GDP does not impact the stock market:
 The Consumer Confidence Index holds the most weight at impacting the stock market. Here's the chart: