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Missing Dig Box Journal Entry

A DIG Boston newspaper box has gone missing, and no one knows who stole it. I will find it under the pseudonym Detective Burt Jones. Read about the missing Box: http://digboston.com/think/2012/05/rawr-godzilla-dig-box-missing/

Marlboro Reds and Whiskey at room temperature -- that's the man I wish I was. But my lungs are too soft, and my stomach too weak. I'm eating a cherry scone and drinking Earl Grey in a local Sommerville Bed and Breakfast. I've been in Boston for 3 1/2 days now, and already I've counted every starless night, and each Pierce jersey. I came to this city after a failed attempt working in the Albuquerque police department down in New Mexico. I didn't get fired or anything, it just didn't work out – Constrained by bureaucracy and bull crap. Today, my title is Professional Private Detective, although I have no license or certificate to prove it. I don't care about a certificate, I learned everything I need to know on the Internet.

I found Dig Boston in the local classifieds. One of their newspaper boxes had been stolen off the streets in Davis Square -- a quaint little place with a lot of local vibe and trees that light-up at night like its Christmas year-round. I've taken it upon myself to venture into this little community, and look for the stolen Dig Box. I'm the guy, too. Intuitive, honest, and each case turns up as a reflection of my face at the lake's edge as it wades in the water. This isn't Harriet the Spy, or a Dale Cooper dream. The answer to each case is a destination somewhere deep in the thorn bushes of human nature that is greed, fear, and jealously -- the trinity that forms the hammer that shatters the glass formed by a healthy society.

The stolen newspaper Box was a caricature of Godzilla, and was used to host and deliver newspapers to patrons in the area. Pull down Godzilla's arm, and a door opened breathing freshly minted papers to the masses. I can see the allure of wanting to steal such a box, but I can't understand the action. Desire is so much easier than action. We like to want and desire many things, but we only act on so little. To take action on a heist like this requires strong emotion. Emtions that are unnatural, cutthroat, and at the essence of Darwin. My first thoughts are jealously or egotism. Who would possess such feelings?

Jealously - Local Competing Newspaper
  I am looking at you Phoenix. Jealously is a strong emotion, and I'm sure you saw the rates at which Dig news papers where being grabbed from the Godzilla box. Meanwhile, your box sat full of papers. No one touching them.“Plain women are always jealous of their husbands. Beautiful women never are." - Oscar Wilde

Egotism - Tufts University
 I understand that the school year is over for many students in the area. It would not surprise me, if, after many drinks, a few students had the brilliant idea to "steal that Godzilla box, bro."

This is my first journal. I plan to attack this debacle relentlessly until it is solved, or I've found the essence of its cause.

Please send tips, questions, and comments to detective.burtjones@gmail.com

Thank you,

Burt Jones
Professional Private Detective

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