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Albert Ellis, Phil Jackson, And Zen May All Share Something In Common

I was talking to a man who knows some things about psychology, and other worldly affairs. I began telling him about my appreciation for Phil Jackson because of his passion for Zen, and living in the moment. As an NBA coach, living in the moment is crucial. This way, the coach won't fret about about past events, such as a mistake made by a player; or future events, like his star player fouling out. Rather, he will stay focused on the present, and encumber the team with the same philosophy. A simple case study shows that coaching this way creates a harmonious team.

Anyways, the man whom I was talking to took my appreciation for Phil Jackson into consideration, and directed my focus towards Albert Ellis (and no, not related to Doc.) I read a few things, and was immediately impressed.
"I think that practically the whole human race is out of its goddamed mind and could use therapy. All of them, not equally so, are crazy. Males and females are biologically prone to think crookedly. They don't get this from their mothers, or Richard Nixon. Rather, they think crookedly because they are prone to do so. All humans are somewhat nutty because they refuse pigheadedly to accept reality and, therefore, make themselves depressed, anxious, enraged, and overly jubilant. They won't accept the reality that things should be exactly the way they are right now because thats the way they are. The world is surrounded by random events, so you should love the spontaneity of it, the things around you. Control what you can, and accept the things you cannot. Stay rational in an irrational world."